Green Banana (Game Engine)

Just Desserts' Title Screen

Role/s: Programmer
Custom [Green Banana] – integrated with SFML 2.3
Project Length: 1 week
Language: C++

Description: Green Banana was a game engine we (Myself, Corey Underdown and Chris Schnitzerling) made for a Make-A-Thing jam in May 2015. We first set out to make a game using C++ (to brush up on our skills), but found that for what we wanted we had to make a lot of our own stuff. So we ended up making an engine (and a hastily put together a game, Just Desserts) instead. We also had an Artist/Animator (Angelica Zurawski) on our team that supplied us with art work for the game portion of the project.

Tasks Included:

  • Writing Base Classes
  • User Interface Programming
  • System Design


Just Desserts Screenshot

Gameplay Screenshot


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