Running Latte

Running Latte Title Screen

Role/s: Programmer
Unity3D (4.6)
Project Length: 1 week
Language: C#

Premise: “You and a co-worker must work together to deliver as many coffees as possible before your shift ends. But the building you’re working in has been poorly designed and it’s very easy to get lost, as you’ve found out the hard way. Now you and your co-worker (who has the map for the floor your on) must work together to find out where you are and continue with your shift.”

One player is wearing an Oculus Rift and delivers the coffee around the office. However while they know which room the coffee needs to go to, the doors around the office do not have numbers on them. But your friend cannot see what the person with the Oculus is seeing, instead they have a physical map of the floor and door numbers. The Oculus player is placed in a random location in the office, and must describe their surroundings to the person with the map. Once they figure out where they are, they must deliver as many coffees before the timer runs out.

I worked on Running Latter with five other people, for a Make-A-Thing jam in February 2015. The Team Consisted of Myself, Jim Vincent, Corey Underdown, Chris Schnitzerling, Richard Stein, Sam McLean.

Tasks Included:

  • UI Design & Programming
  • VR Integration (Oculus Rift DK2)

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